Manufacturing techniques have advanced to the point that it's now possible to get a range of furniture and accessories made from cement, whether pure or combined with woods and metals. Similarly home builders and renovators are using cement increasingly to make kitchen counters, bathroom counters or sinks and polished concrete floors are as popular as ever given the amount of inner city warehouse conversions at the moment. 

For Christmas, we have a new range of cement accessories and to give you some ideas and inspiration, we have selected some great interior design examples. To start with, cement candle holders like this one our similar range are on trend and the neutral colour makes it a perfect gift for any home.

The candles below are home made with a lace pattern to soften the look

... or if you feel like something more substantial, how about a concrete stool - perfect for outdoor use or go ultra modern and use as a feature piece in your living area

Here is some of the Interior Classics Tribeca range of cement candles and accessories - how great does the grey cement look when combined with woods or leather furnishings! The neutral grey works well against natural materials and fabrics, including the rattan rug.

... or if you want something really different, here is a cement vase and these days, it's possible to get cement pendant lights for an ultra-modern look.

 Finally, with so much more concrete being used in kitchens and bathrooms, think about combining natural woods for contrast and a warmer feel to the room. Here's an excellent example in a bathroom - the addition of the wooden stool completely changes the look of the room and becomes a feature piece

Images: Pinterest, Bo Bedre