This holiday cottage makes the most of an idyllic location in a forest overlooking a lake. There a large outdoor deck for enjoying the view as well as outdoor dining. The home is full of contrasts ranging from traditional to mid-century retro classics. The feature piece without doubt is the view, which would be glorious on long summer days in Finland. To start with, we noticed these black Philippe Starck Masters chairs around an outdoor dining table 

The interior design might be expected to be country cottage but the owners have opted for an eclectic mix of styles that give the impression of effortless style and sophistication - something that can only be achieved with careful attention to detail and an eye for style. The Series 7 Bentwood chairs and Wassily leather chair in the living area shows the owner's knowledge of classic pieces and the way these are combined with rough-cut wooden and woven earthy pieces, is impressive

There is even a nod to another mid-century classic with the Swan chair print balanced perfectly on the mid-century buffet in the dining room

The rest of the home has the same clever combinations of old and modern; styled and rustic; country and urban continue the eclectic sophistication

Overall, an idyllic home in a picture-perfect setting - we'd visit anytime to enjoy a cozy fire in winter or lovely summer days!

Images: Krista Keltanen