If you like a minimalist look with some earthy touches, this Helsinki apartment will appeal. The colour scheme is traditionally Scandinavian with a monochromatic theme, white floors and some splashes of pot plants and rugs for variety. The contrast in the living area between the clean, white background and furnishings and the dark cabinetry is very effective. The Eames wire mesh chairs with white seat pads are ideal for a small living space and work well with the colour scheme.

A closer look at the kitchen shows the natural wooden counter top set against the dark cabinetry and the attention to details laying out the accessories and plants to create a super-stylish look. Also, loving the original coffee percolator - a bit retro in the age of modern machines! The bright copper light fixtures give the home a thoroughly modern feel.

The splashes of green continue throughout, taking advantage of the lovely light.

The living area continues the blend of natural woods with mostly black and white combinations, held together with the large rug.

The bedrooms is more earthy with a neutral feature wall and unusual light fixture that gives the room a very different feel to the living areas.

Images: Mina ja Morris