The Montebar Villa, designed by Italian architecture firm, JM Architecture, is a spectacular example of minimalist modern architecture, fitout and interior design. Built from prefabricated wood, the house lies on a panoramic spot facing the Swiss alps, in a position that captures sun all year round. A magical place where the silence is only interrupted by the gentle chimes of cows at pasture in the distance and the clear mountain air is sweet and fragrant.

The project was created around the local unique building regulations, which require houses to have a dark gray pitched roof for a better integration with the environment. Starting from this constraint, the idea developed into an homogeneous solution using the same material for both the roof and façades, in order to provide the building with a monolithic aspect, like a stone in the landscape.

The only exception is the southern elevation, facing down to the valley, which offers spectacular 180 degree views through a curtain-wall that encloses the living area and folds inside creating a loggia to be used in the warmer months.

The house is placed at the edge of a slope with vineyards just a few meters below and around. It’s constructed with prefabricated and thermally insulated wood, ideal for this type of climate. The entire structure was assembled in a few days - amazing given the location. The same cladding was used for both the roof and the perimeter walls, with 22 centimeters (8.66 inches) of thermal insulation and a double layer of ventilation.The final cladding material uniforming the shell is a ventilated façade with porcelain stoneware tiles and an invisible fastening system. 

The fitout and interior design are equally simple, uncluttered and elegant in light woods and white laminate. And the furnishings are classic: Le Corbusier chaise , Eames Armchairs and an Oval marble Tulip Table

Overall, a spectacular home in a spectacular location with well chosen furnishings that complement the elegant aesthetic of the home and surrounds

Images: (JM Architecture)