Creating a unique and practical home environment can be a lot of fun so here's some inspiration for anyone with young kids. This apartment was recently renovated for a couple with a 6 year old child and the main living areas are very modern and stylish, using an eclectic mix of designer pieces. However, it's the kid's playroom that steals the show - very bold colours and design touches create an amazing sanctuary for any child (or child at heart!)

To start with, the living and dining areas are combined and furnished with a mix of rustic and designer modern pieces including white Eames eiffel chairs with a rustic natural wood table. The grey light fixtures and lamp are on trend, with the combination of the geometric black and white rug.

A closer look at the table shows how well the natural, rustic table combines with the white chairs and the rest of the room. 

The projection TV is a nice touch to save space and keep the corridor open for easy access

The kitchen is also homely with traditional white cabinets and solid wood counter top. Using stair style counter stools also create a breakfast bar, dining area or even a work space. At Interior Classics, we stock wide range of similar bar stools including designer adaptations like the replica Eames, replica Spoon stools or replica Wishbone stools available in a range of colours.

As we said earlier, the room that really makes this apartment is the kid's playroom - hope this gives you some inspiration!

The playroom leads through to a study area and the family have maintained the bright, playful theme with colourful office chairs that take advantage of the bay windows

The same playful theme also comes up in the entry closet, where 2 Eames Hangitall racks have been placed side for coat storage.

Overall, an impressive combination of stylish minimalism living areas with bold, colourful play and work areas and shows how well eclectic design combinations can work within the same home.

Images: Geometrium, Moscow