To celebrate the end of the FIFA World Cup won this morning by Germany, we are featuring this amazing cafe in Munich. The link to Brazil goes a step further because the cafe is called “Açai Café, named after the fruit of a tropical palm found mainly in Brazil. (Take a look here if you'd like to learn more about the tree). The cafe design was created and implemented by Lova Design, who are based in Munich and specialise in custom commercial interior fitout projects. 

“Açai Café specialises in Brazilian food and coffee in an environment that is friendly, trendy and colourful - very Brazilian! 

This designers called their project "Daddy Longlegs" after the spider because of the way the chairs are suspended from the ceiling like a web. The chairs and stools are a combination of Tolix highback chairs and 45cm stools in galvanised steel and powdercoated colours. What makes this layout unique is the conversion of some of the chairs into swings suspended from the ceiling in a format that allow patrons to 'sit' around a table together. 

Not only is the design quirky and innovative but the colour combinations are also clever - purple cushions blended with bright yellow, white and even an aqua blue Accapulco chair in the corner for added colour and South American vibe. The dominant colour theme is purple and even the interesting light cluster is colour coordinated to the purple chairs to complete the look.

The funky fitout isn't limited to the chairs and the floor tiles are colourful and retro in a pattern that's intentionally scattered with parts of the wooden floor showing through and tiling continuing up to the serving counter.

What a great look for a coffee shop - it captures the brief perfectly and must be a great talking point for customers and a way to create 'talkability'. 

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