We loved this photoshoot at Interior Classics - it shows what can be done with understated, classic furnishing and how good interior design can completely transform any space. This cottage on the south coast of Sweden, nearest Denmark was purchased in 2005 by young couple, Lisette Bramsell and Mats Ohlsson, from Stockholm. They purchased this 19th century farmhouse on a 3 acre block to renovate and use as a getaway. The cottage is absolutely picture perfect on the outside but had been neglected for over 50 years and actually had a calendar from 1949 still hanging on the wall. 

The interiors are contemporary modern, contrasting with the rustic exposed beams but the contrasts are very effective - stylish and still very livable. The mix of traditional and modern needs a delicate touch and the simple, understatement avoids turning this into either a minimalist statement or over-decorated rustic cottage - the owners have found a lovely balance.

... although the dining room is traditional Scandinavian minimalist in monochrome

The vintage desk with black bentwood chair and rustic bench couldn't be more perfect

A few period pieces give a nod to the 19th century heritage of the home

As does the bathroom - modern plumbing with a very traditional foot and claw bath

Images: Elle Decor, original text by Pella Hedeby