This one bedroom apartment in central Malmo, Sweden, is currently on the market for $840,000 and has been presented beautifully in terms of furnishing and accessories. This is a masterclass in presentation with an eclectic combination of dining and living room furniture that perfectly complement the airy and cozy home. The building dates back to 1929 and has been impeccably maintained indoors and out. Although on the 3rd floor, there is a common courtyard filled with sculpture and bistro tables, that give the area a very European character. 

Inside, the pallet is monochrome with white walls, limewashed floors and white dining table and chairs that add to the airiness from the large dorma windows. The styling carries through to the kitchen, which has the same elegant simplicity and all white scheme. We liked the way 4 different chair styles have been used - blending traditional Scandinavian with retro classic pieces like the Tulip and Eames Eiffel chairs. 

The exquisite detail in the presentation of this property is a masterclass in selling the lifestyle of inner-city European living and these pictures are postcard perfect.

The living room is similarly stylish, simple and airy.

 As expected, the rest of the home is equally lovely ... and all white and elegant

However, some of the most appealing elements of this house are the location and outdoor areas - with a picturesque square, the Malmo Canal and buzzing shopping and dining nearby.

A dreamy, stylish home with all the lifestyle attractions nearby to complete the package!